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Meet The Team



Mark is our devoted Chairman, he founded our venture with a passion for revolutionizing heating solutions and prioritising customer service. Mark’s strategic foresight and dedication propel us to the forefront of the industry’s renewable technologies.



Dougie, our accomplished Director, is the driving force behind The Edinburgh Boiler Company. With a seasoned hand, Dougie oversees every facet of our business operations, steering us towards excellence. His commitment ensures that we not only exceed customer expectations but pioneer innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector.


Rewnewable Surveyor

Thomas plays a crucial role in assessing properties and recommending the most efficient and environmentally friendly options. His expertise ensures that each installation aligns seamlessly with our commitment to renewable energy and leaves a positive impact on both customers and the planet.


Boiler Surveyor

Alan, brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. With a sharp focus on safety and efficiency, Alan conducts thorough assessments to determine the best gas boiler solutions for our customers. His attention to detail ensures that every installation not only meets industry standards but also delivers optimal performance, keeping homes warm and secure throughout the seasons.


Marketing Manager

Our vibrant Marketing Manager, breathes life into The Edinburgh Boiler Company’s brand. From crafting engaging campaigns to fostering community connections, Megan works tirelessly to spread the warmth of our services, making sure our customers know they can trust us for all their heating needs.


Finance Manager

Nicola, is the financial backbone of our operations. With precision and dedication, she oversees all financial aspects, ensuring a seamless flow of resources to support our operations. Nicola’s expertise not only keeps the numbers in check but also plays a crucial role in sustaining our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in the long run.


Office Manager

Gracie, our diligent Office Manager oversees all aspects of our customer service team. She ensures that every interaction with us is welcoming and efficent as she expertly addresses all boiler inquiries and instalations. Gracie’s dedication to excellence shines through in her commitment to surpassing your heating needs.


Renewables Customer Service

Lesley, our Customer Service Representative specializing in renewables at The Edinburgh Boiler Company, is your knowledgeable guide to sustainable solutions. Lesley assists customers in navigating the world of heat pumps and solar panels and will make your journey toward renewable energy a smooth and satisfying experience.


Operations Manager, Boilers

Conor, our Boiler Operations Manager is the driving force behind our installation efficiency. With a keen eye for detail and a wealth of experience, Conor oversees the seamless execution of boiler installations. His role ensures that each project meets our high standards. Conor’s commitment to operational excellence ensures that your heating solutions are not only reliable but also delivered with precision and expertise


Operations Manager, Heatpumps

Meet Graeme, with a passion for sustainable heating, Graeme leads our team in delivering top-notch heat pump installations. From project planning to execution, Graeme ensures that each installation is tailored to maximize energy efficiency and environmental impact. With a commitment to green solutions, Graeme is dedicated to making your transition to heat pumps a seamless and eco-friendly experience.


Operations Manager, Solar

Drawing on extensive experience, Rick oversees the flawless execution of solar panel installations. From meticulous project planning to efficient logistics management, Rick is dedicated to bringing solar power to your doorstep. His commitment to operational excellence ensures that each solar panel system seamlessly integrates into your property, providing sustainable energy solutions tailored to your needs.


Head Solar Electrician

Meet Gareth, our accomplished Solar Electrician and Head of the Electrical Team at The Edinburgh Boiler Company. With meticulous attention to detail, Gareth leads our team in flawlessly executing solar panel installations. From intricate wiring to final connections, Gareth’s attention to detail ensures that every project meets the highest standards.


Solar Roofer

Glen is one of our skilled Solar Roofers at The Edinburgh Boiler Company. He plays a crucial role in seamlessly integrating solar panels into your roof. From careful installation to ensuring weather-resistant seals, Glen’s expertise ensures that your solar roofing solution not only looks sleek but also harnesses the power of the sun efficiently.


- Boiler Service and Repair Engineer

David is your go-to expert for maintenance and repairs, ensuring your heating systems run seamlessly. From diagnosing issues to implementing solutions, David is dedicated to keeping your home warm. As our Service and Repair Engineer, David takes pride in delivering efficient and effective solutions.


Boiler Installation Engineer

James is Known for his exceptional attention to detail and a commitment to neat and precise work James is a member of our dedicated engineering team. From dismantling outdated boiler systems to installing modern solutions, he ensures a smooth transition, leaving your home with not only an upgraded heating system but with a clean and polished finish.


Apprentice Engineer

Eager to learn and passionate about the intricacies of heating systems, Shayne works closely with our experienced team to gain hands-on experience in installation and maintenance. As an Apprentice Engineer, Shayne is a valuable member of our team, bringing enthusiasm and a commitment to learning to every project.