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Here Are The Top Boiler Warning Signs

Boiler faults are an inconvenience, especially when they show up during cold winter months. The key to minimising these faults is regular boiler maintenance. However, if you have a boiler emergency, the Gas Safe registered engineers at Glasgow Boiler Company can get your boiler back up and running or advise you about a new boiler replacement.

But before it gets that far, here are some common faulty boiler warning signs to watch for.

Warning Signs of a Faulty Boiler

Most boilers last about 15 years, depending on their workload and how often they’re serviced. If you encounter a boiler fault, you should contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. These faults can lead to a complete boiler breakdown and possibly a new boiler if left unaddressed.  

Boiler Leak

Leaks around your boiler pipes are usually caused by corrosion and require a skilled engineer to fix this part. A leak caused by broken or worn-out components will need to be replaced immediately. You may need a new boiler if a severe fault causes the leak.

Boiler Pressure

A common boiler fault is when your boiler pressure falls below the 1 bar. A leak in the system can cause this, recently bled radiators or a faulty component. Repressurising your boiler might bring the pressure back up, but there might be other solutions. If you have high boiler pressure, this might indicate a severe blockage in your system. 

Inadequate Heating or Lukewarm Water

Both of these symptoms are signs that your boiler is not working as intended. It will also waste energy and increase your heating bills. There are various causes: faulty valves, broken parts, low pressure or a defective thermostat. 

The Carbon Monoxide Detector Keeps Beeping

If your carbon monoxide detector beeps while your boiler is on, your boiler could be leaking carbon monoxide. This can be dangerous. If you suspect carbon monoxide poisoning: open your windows, switch off the boiler, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer, and contact the National Gas Emergency Helpline for further advice.

Dark Marks or Strange Smells

Dark marks on or around your boiler could be a sign that your boiler’s burning function is faulty. These marks could be caused by broken seals or blockage, limiting the air from getting to the flame. If ignored, these marks can lead to a strange smell and can cause carbon monoxide leakage. Of course, failing to fix this fault can also lead to the breakdown of your boiler. 

Strange Noises

Various causes can create your boiler to make unusual noises: air in the system; a faulty pump; low water pressure; rust or sludge; or a build-up of limescale – as most of the water in Southern England is hard water that comes from underground chalk aquifers. Any obstruction in your boiler can be investigated and flushed out by an engineer. 

Do You Need a New Boiler?

Glasgow Boiler Company knows that plumbing emergencies are stressful events. So, we do not charge extra for emergency call-outs.If your boiler is exhibiting any faults, get in touch with us immediately. We can provide a free quote if you are thinking of getting a new boiler. We are a highly skilled team of plumbing and heating engineers offering no-nonsense, jargon-free service to homeowners in Glasgow & Surrounding areas.