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How To Make Your Home Greener

How to Make Your Home Greener

With the government putting new bills in place to improve our living environment, there is no doubt that we all need to take serious action to protect the environment, or our future will be uncertain. We can all take small steps in our daily lives to make our homes greener. These are some ways you can make your home greener and, in some cases, even save some money.

Consider Water Usage
When we waste water in the home, it can have a negative impact on the environment. It may not seem like much if you leave the water running after you have brushed your teeth or washed your face, but this can soon add up when you consider there are over 66 million people in the UK. Make sure there are no leaks in the home, and that you turn your tap off when you have finished using the water.

Reduce Plastic

Single-use plastic ends up in landfills, and it is one of the biggest problems for our environment. You can make a simple change just by switching your plastic bottles to a water filter. Not only does this reduce waste; it is also much better for your pocket!

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
You can switch your lightbulbs for an energy efficient option, and this will not only improve the environment, but they also last longer, so it is less costly too. LEDs and CFLs are better than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Turn off Power
One of the biggest wastes, both for energy and money is leaving power sources on. As soon as your phone has charged, for instance, you should switch it off. You can usually fully charge your phone within 10-20 minutes. Don’t leave your television or any other appliances on standby, as this will burn and waste energy, not to mention increasing your bills.

Replace Your Boiler
If your boiler is old, you might want to consider a new boiler installation. Combi boilers are one of the most efficient boiler types, and they can improve energy efficiency, as well as reducing your bills. They also take up less space, so they are ideal for smaller homes.

Install Double Glazing
Double glazing can make a huge difference on your bills. They help you retain more heat in the home, which saves you from having your heating on constantly, therefore reducing energy waste and lowering your energy bills.

Use Natural Light
Wherever possible, try to use natural light instead of lights and lamps in the home. Open blinds and curtains during the day instead of switching your lights on and you will improve your energy efficiency and keep your bills down.

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