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Limited-Time Boiler Installation Offers For Small Homes

These are some fantastic limited-time offers that include extras we believe are essential to a new boiler installation. They also include full installation with some exclusions for additional costs which you can find at the bottom of this page. See here >

Every EBC Boiler Installation Offer Comes With:


Ideal Esprit Eco 24kw

An affordable, reliable boiler that doesn’t compromise on quality.


Including VAT


Ideal Logic Plus 24kw

The Logic+ provides amazing value for money and is one of the only boilers in the UK to receive Quiet Mark accreditation for its quiet operation. 


Including VAT


Worcester Greenstar 4000

Built on all the tried, tested and much-loved features of the original Greenstar, the Worcester 4000 is a fantastic, highly rated WHICH Best Buy boiler.


Including VAT

Cost For Installation Extras

Boiler flue extensions are used to extend a boiler’s flue outlet system, effectively an additional flue length of either horizontal or vertical orientation.

A vertical boiler flue  tends to be found in homes where the boiler isn’t on an outside wall, or when the property is a more unusual shape.

Many boilers need to be supplied with a certain gas pipe size for them to comply with building regulations. For example; most gas combi boilers require a standard 22mm supply pipe, which will connect the boiler to the gas meter.

The costs required to be paid to a roofing company in order to assist us with your boiler installation. This is usually if your boiler flue comes out through your roof.

The cost required to move your boiler, but to a new position in the same room.

The cost required to move your boiler, but to a new room in the same floor of your house.

The cost required to move your boiler, but to a new floor, in a new room in your house.