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Heat Pump Funding

What funding is currently available?

Friday, the 30th of June 2023

Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan

Looking to cut down on energy costs, shrink your carbon footprint, and maintain a cozy home?

Consider heat pump installation—a solution that checks all the boxes. Plus, in Scotland, financial assistance is within reach.

Enter the Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan, designed to support the installation of heat pumps and energy efficiency upgrades. Eligible households can receive a grant of up to £7,500 for heat pumps, with an additional £9,000 available for rural areas. And that’s not all: any remaining costs can be covered through an interest-free loan.

Want to take advtange of this grant and loan scheme or find out more? Book a free survey to start the process.

Can't access funding? Finance may be an option.

If funding isn't available for you, affordable finance might be.

We’re one of the only companies that can offer extended periods on solar panel installations. Combine this with how much can be saved on your energy bills and your monthly payments can be fairly affordable.

How does it work?

*£65 per month based on typical house UK house using 3500kwph of electric per year and roughly pays 32p equates to £1120 on their annual bill. Average savings with solar and batteries is roughly 70% or in monetary value £784 per annum, break that down to monthly savings equates to £65 per month. Our £94.00 per month figure is based on a finance package at £10.9 APR and a total value of £7000.