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Simple Ways To Maintain Your Boiler

Simple Ways To Maintain Your Boiler

The boiler is one of the essential appliances we have in our home. After all, it helps keep us warm and cosy in the winter and provides us with hot water around the clock. If your boiler breaks down, it is a complete disaster and something you want to avoid at all costs. You should ensure you maintain your boiler to avoid any breakdowns. Some small actions can keep your boiler in perfect condition all-year-round and ensure your access to heating and hot water is not interrupted. These are some simple ways you can maintain your boiler.

Regular Service

Even if you are not having any noticeable issues with your boiler, you should ensure you get it serviced every year. A Gas Safe Registered Engineer will be able to look at it and ensure there are no minor faults that might lead to a full breakdown in the future. It is much more costly to replace your boiler, and an annual service will help ensure it doesn’t get to this point.

Replace Old Boiler

If your boiler is quite old and you are having any issues with it, such as leakages, noises, or frequent breakdowns, it may be time to consider a boiler replacement. There are different boiler options to consider, including regular boilers and combi boilers, which are the most popular boilers. You may also want to consider a replacement if your current boiler is not energy efficient and your bills are higher than you’d like. A boiler installation may also be vital if there are any major issues with your boiler that could be dangerous.

Bleed Radiators

If you find that your home is taking a long time to heat up, you should check the radiators. If there are cold areas on the radiator, when the heating is turned on, it might be time to bleed your radiators. It is particularly important to do this before the winter arrives, as you will need your heating system to run as efficiently as possible.

Ventilate Boiler

Ensure the boiler has plenty of space for ventilation, and that there is no clutter around it. This could prevent it from working as efficiently as it should.

Check Flame

The flame of your boiler should always be a blue colour. You should check this regularly. If it is orange or yellow, it could be a sign that something isn’t quite right. Contact us if you are concerned about the colour, and we will ensure a Gas Safe Engineer will be sent out to look at it.

Call the Experts

If you have any concerns about your boiler, or you need some advice on whether you need a boiler replacement in Edinburgh or surrounding areas, contact us and our experts will be able to take a look. Your boiler must be in working order. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening if carbon monoxide escapes through the heating system.